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DELICIOUS Wedding & Groom's Cakes

to provide you PEACE of mind!

We offer a wide variety of flavors, which are ALWAYS baked fresh!

Adding this to your inspiration and ideas... the possibilities are endless!!

Please take a look at all of the flavor options you have! 

Custom Wedding Cake Flavors:

Vanilla Silk - Creamy French Vanilla Cake

Wedding Wish – Almond & Vanilla Cake infused with crisp champagne & a touch of citrus.

White Chocolate Delight – Light & Fluffy White cake made with Belgium White Chocolate.

Lovely Lemon – Delicious Lemon Butter Cake made with fresh lemon juice.

Bailey's Irish Creme' – Creamy Vanilla Cake infused with Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquor.

Coconut Supreme - Light & Fluffy white cake made with Cream of Coconut enhanced with toasted Coconut.

High Class Carrot – “Fully Loaded” Dense carrot cake made with fresh carrots, raisins, pineapple, pecans, walnuts and coconut. 

Dark Chocolate Decadence – Deliciously moist Fudge cake made with sweet Belgium dark chocolate.

Banana Rama – Butter cake made with fresh Banana puree.

Mocha Kahula Love – Dark Chocolate Cake infused with Kahula liquor creating a delicious mocha/coffee cake.

Strawberry Surprise – Cream Cake made with fresh Strawberry Puree.

Perfectly Pineapple – Delectable Butter Cake made fresh pineapple and infused with pineapple juice.

Velveteen Red – Traditional Red Velvet Cake

Italian Cream - Butter Pecan Cake made with Coconut Rum, Pecans, Walnuts, and toasted Coconut.

Fountain Favorite – Dark Chocolate Cake made with Semi - sweet Chocolate Chips and Cherry Cola.

Dulce De Leche – Traditional Yellow Cake infused with Spanish Spice & infused with Dulce De Leche Caramel. 

German Chocolate – Belgium Milk Chocolate Cake infused with Coconut Milk with Coconut & Pecan Filling.

Moon Cake - Traditional Vanilla Pound Cake made with almonds, Walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, and pistachios. 

Tropical Paradise – Pina Colada cake made with fresh pineapple, mango puree, banana puree, cherries and toasted coconut.

Blissful Butter Pecan – Moist Butter Cake made with crushed pecans and a hint of butterscotch. 

Southern Hummingbird - Spiced Butter Pecan cake made with fresh pineapple, coconut, banana puree, pecans and walnuts.

Amazing Almond Amaretto – Creamy Vanilla cake made with Amaretto liquor, Almond puree, and bits of cherries.

Marvelous Marble – Traditional Marble Cake (Vanilla Silk and Dark Chocolate Decadence Swirled together.)

Spice of Life – Traditional Spice Cake. 

* = contains alcohol






Lemon Custard

Bavarian Cream

Coconut Custard


Cookies and Cream


Salted Caramel



Salted Caramel

Peanut Butter

White Chocolate



Dreamy Buttercream

Wedding Buttercream

Milk Chocolate


Cream Cheese

Caramel Cream

Strawberries & Cream

White Chocolate

Coconut Pecan (German Chocolate)

Whiskey Whip

Peanut Butter

Rich Beer Buttercream

Black Walnut and Maple